Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cant Afford A Baby??!

Whilst looking through various news articles on the net recently, I came across one about a survey carried out by Red Magazine which I was quite suprised by.  It said that out of 2500 women who took the survey, 1 in 10 had decided to postpone having a baby due to the recession and 15% reconsidering whether to have a baby at all as they thought they'd never be able to afford it.

Im shocked!  Yes having a baby can be expensive, but not if you're clever about it and know where to look.

I was lucky with my second, we had everything still from my first in terms of big items such as a cot, pram, car seat etc. and very enthusiastic grandparents who were there to buy things we didnt have such as a steriliser and changing table.  Plus, when our second baby turned out to be a girl, she was kitted out with clothes for the next umpteen years as she would most certainly be getting ALL her sisters hand-me-downs, as my lovely sister did when we were kids!

It also got us thinking about our Baby Shop venture and how important it is to make people realise that having a baby doesnt have to be expensive if know where to look.  Take a look at these things for a newborn....

All that comes to less than a tenner on the site!  Very good value Im sure you'll agree.  Now Im not saying thats all you'd need for a newborn baby (for someone so small they come with a lot of stuff!) but it would be a very good start and not cost the earth.

Maybe we should contact Red Magazine and pass on our details so they can inform their readers?!

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