Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to our blog!  So nice to have you with us.

We at Little Tots Baby Shop HQ thought it would be a nice addition to our online shop to have a behind-the-scenes view of what goes on here, our thoughts on our products and reviews on other products we hope to bring in.

Little Tots Baby Shop was started by two sisters - myself, Rhiannon and my sister, Rachel.  We both have children - I have two little girls and Rachel has a baby boy and two step children.  We know (only too well!) how expensive having a baby can be.  I cant tell you how grateful I was when having my second daughter, that I'd kept everything from my first.  Infact, most of the things I'd saved, sill had tags on.  My first daughter had grown so quickly I hadnt even had chance to put some things on her!  They are still in fab condition now, as babies arent babies for long! 

So with this in mind we decided to start the baby shop.  Our aim is to bring excellent quality and affordable new and preloved baby clothing to the online world!!  No matter what budget you are on, or salary you bring in, money is always going to be tight when you've had a baby.  They just need so much stuff!  This was the inspiration behind starting up LTBS.   

We'd love it if you follow our ups and downs in our little online venture and any comments you'd like to leave are very much appreciated!

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