Monday, 3 October 2011

Meet Our Models!

When we were setting up the Baby Shop all those months ago, one if the things we didn't want was to have amateur, dark, eBay type photos. It was important to us to show off the beautiful clothes in their best light and in the best possible way.

So, we are pleased to introduce to you, our three models!! Meet, Edwin, Edwina and their mum Erica!! We've dressed Erica so as to preserve her modesty. Lol!

These mannequins have proved invaluable to our shop and have made such a difference to our shop. There's a lot of modifying and tweaking that goes on after the photo is taken but it's basically these guys that bring the clothes to life.

I did consider using real life models for the photos (i.e. my children) but they don't stay still for long enough and have you tried changing a 17 month old once in a day, let alone eight times!

So that's it, our best kept trade secret (not really)!

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