Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What Is Preloved?

I often get people who visit Little Tots Baby Shop asking me what "preloved" means and is it just a fancy word for "second hand".  I always say no!!

Preloved Baby Gap Jacket
Preloved is so much more than second hand.  Imagine this (bear with me on this!) - when your kids are growing up, especially when they are babies, you have favourite outfits they just look too cute in, or maybe a dozen outfits!  You dress your little one, take photos and create so many memories of their first few weeks, months and years.  Then your baby grows (too quickly) but the outfits and clothes you loved on your baby so much still bring you memories.  They no long have a use in your home, but they can bring happiness to another family who dress their babies and create their memories.

Preloved but not second hand!

A lot of the time, the clothes are immaculate and literally, as good as new.  A landfill site is no place for them as there is not a single thing wrong with them!  For practical reasons, it is impossible to keep every item bought for your child, so you give them away. 

That, for us, is preloved.  So much more than just "second-hand".

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