Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Such A Lovely Cause

Here at LTBS HQ we get approached by lots of companies and charities asking for donations to help with fundraising.  Each charity is for a wonderful cause but, as a small business, it would be impossible to help them all.  It would bankrupt us before we really start!

However, we were approached on Twitter by @LittleTreasures who said she is running an online auction to raise money for Kettering General Hospitals Special Baby Care Unit.

Now, I've never been to this hospital and I'm lucky enough never to have had to be in a Special Care Baby Unit.  However, on reading further about the work they do and hearing inspirational stories about the babies and parents that pass through this unit, we had to get involved.

I've read stories about babies born so frighteningly early, their organs arent mature enough to cope, being cared for here until they were strong enough to go home.  Some babies born with conditions that meant their mummies werent able to have that special first cuddle until they were a few weeks old and strong enough to be held.  Heartbreakingly, some of the babies born in this hospital would not have made it if it wasnt for the staff and workers of the Special Care Baby Unit.  This is what touched my heart when reading and made me want to get involved in raising money for the unit.  

Bit of serious blog post today but it breaks my heart reading all these special stories and Im thankful every day for my two little miracles, who, although they drive me crazy, are happy and healthy in every way.  This is why we were only too happy to help such an amazing cause.

Take a look at the auction on Facebook here.  Little Treasures picked out our Baby Gifts to include in the auction, which can be found here.

Thanks for reading and we hope you'll check out the auction!  It runs until the 11th October so plenty of time to get involved.

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