Tuesday, 8 November 2011

{Top Tip Tuesday} Toddler Tantrums

We come across so much "baby info" during the course of the day, we thought we'd put it together and share this info, in what will now be known as Top Tip Tuesday!

Today, a subject close to our hearts here at LTBS HQ - Toddler Tantrums.  We have two toddlers between us, so understanding and being able to deal with toddler tantrums is something we are VERY interested in. 

Every parent dreads the day their seemingly placid, smiling baby, will throw the mother-and-father-of-all tantrum.  It usually happens in a busy supermarket or packed out restaurant. 

Here are some useful tips in dealing with the dreaded, but inevitable, toddler tantrums.

1. Try To Work Out Why - A big part of why a toddler is having a tantrum in the first place, could be out of sheer frustration.  They are no longer a baby, but neither are they able to communicate well enough, their wants and needs.  Try to figure out why your toddler is having a tantrum - is she tired?  Is she hungry?  Is she bored?  You can then work on avoiding this in the future.

2. Choices, Choices - Try giving your toddler choices where possible - i.e. playing inside or outside, watching tv or looking at a book.  This can help give your toddler the little bit of  independence they long for!

"Forget the tantrums, Im trying to make a quick escape"

3. Distract - Distraction is as good a technique as any!  If you feel your toddler is on the verge of a meltdown i.e. if another child has taken a toy from them, try distracting them with something else - a "better" toy or a cuddle from mummy usually does the trick.

4. Ignore it! - Remember, ALL parents have been through it.  No one will mind your little one having a tantrum, infact, for most it will bring back memories of their own!  As long as your little one is safe i.e. strapped into a buggy, try ignoring their shouts and tantrums.  You may find it dies down as quickly as it started!

We hope you've found those helpful.  Feel free to share your top tips for dealing with tantrums!

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  1. Distraction is the main one we use. Often it can prevent a full on tantrum but if it doesn't we also have a naughty cushion which works well. I like to give choices but only usually only give 2. Following these tricks We don't have too much trouble.