Saturday, 19 November 2011

{Product Focus} Babys First Calender - A Handy Gift To Give!

We are always on the look out for new products, interesting ideas and things that will plain and simple, make life as a parent easier!  Which is why, when we were contacted about stocking Babys First Calender, we were initially intrigued as to what made it different. 

Looks good, but what else?
I felt like we couldn't sell something we hadn't tried out.  So, having a tiny baby myself, I took it upon myself to look into it further!  On taking it out the box, it looks like a wall chart, which isn't a bad thing!  I do like a bit of organisation, but in my baby's room?  I'll be honest, I wasn't sure.  However, I was impressed with the tag line, "Special Days, Safer Nights", anything that gave me even the tiniest piece of mind would help and The Baby's First Calendar has a thermometer attached, which wasn't going to slip behind a chest of drawers or get lost within a week of me moving it from room to room (I had a little thing about temperatures when both my children were born as the weather was so warm when they arrived!).

Peace of mind if nothing else!
The other thing that I liked about it, is that, once it was up on the wall, I wasn't going to forget about it!!  Call me a bad parent, but I started baby books with the best of intentions, recording their arrival religiously, when they first slept through the night etc. etc.  However, by about six months, maybe due to sleep depriavtion and sheer exhaustion, I'd kind of forgotten to record stuff *hangs head in shame*.

However, Baby Calendar, with its handy milestone stickers (including first tooth, first smile, first laugh, first shoes) that you use with the calendar, it was an easy way to remember to record things and always on hand because it was on the wall!  Perfect!  If only I'd known about this when I had my first, I might have a more comprehensive record of her first year (sorry Maddy!).

And last but not least, its different!  Definitely a unique present for someone expecting.  Makes a change from socks and baby grows, which are useful, but usually given in abundance.

We hope you agree and if you've bought Babys First Calendar from us, we'd love to hear what you think!


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  1. Hi Ladies, just wanted to let you know I have passed on the Liebster Award to Little Tots! Hope you like it :) x